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[from friendster August 1, 2009]

Last time an Aquino that I know died, a revolution was sparked.
As much as I would like to write this post without political color, I cannot. Corazon Aquino is a political person and all she has done would be without appreciation if what she has done for politics is ignored. Almost all the good men  and women of this country has died already while those bad men and women with heart ailments, dirty mouths and silicon bursts have not. So this short post in honor of Corazon Aquino will start and end the same.
Death and taxes…
Heaven and hell…
So where is heaven? And where the hell is hell? I am a Catholic by heart, however, let me share what I presume of the gates of St. Peter is. It has been said that we live eternally in heaven or burn forever in hell depending on how we lived out our lifetime.  Now then, maybe St. Peter is the symbol of those we leave when we die. It is the very persons who know us during our lifetime who will judge us for eternal damnation or exalt us up the high pedestals in history for the following generations to look up to. 
Adolph Hitler’s  legacy is getting a child ‘confiscated’ from his very parents because his parents was dumb enough to name him Adolph Hitler while Jose Rizal got schools and institutions named after him with honor. Now you begin to wonder what legacy will the present squatter at Malacanang will extol on us.
We now all know even before 3:18 am of this first day of August what Corazon Aquino’s legacy is. She is the first woman president of this country. She was the one who showed the world that being just a house wife is not just being one. She has showed the world that a loving mother and an understanding wife can also be a great leader. She has showed that a woman can topple a dictatorship and that no matter how big everyone thinks Ninoy Aquino casted his shadow on her, she can also do the same as long as the premise of anyone actions is for the good of everyone.
Corazon Aquino dismantled a dictatorship. She has reinstalled democracy. She gave us back the freedom that should have been ours in the first place. The internet where we are free to blog now or the text messages that we forward to our entire phone book would have been foreign to us if not because of her. Her leadership has pre-packaged for the post-EDSA generation the liberties that we now take for granted.
Corazon Aquino in her own whispering ways has shouted to the world that, there is a country called the Republic of the Philippines. She has acted silently and peacefully the roar and thunder that there are Filipinos in this far side of the globe. She was already there before Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempengco or the dancing inmates of Cebu.
 If I were to enumerate the collections of what Corazon Aquino has done for each and every one for us, it would take all my overtime hours for this Saturday. So given what she has done, how do you give thanks to someone like her? How does the earth thank the sun? How does the palay thank the rain? How do we thank our mothers who nurse us when we are sick? How do we as a nation thank a great leader? Probably the last great president we will ever know. I really cannot answer that, I know that my simple “THANK YOU, TITA CORY” would not suffice.
Last time an Aquino that I know died, a revolution was sparked. 

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