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DR jeKHO and MR. HYDEn (The Hayden Kho Videos Reaction)

[from friendster June 2, 2009]

You have to pity Hayden and Katrina and the gossiped other 40 ladies Hayden took videos of. Since this scandal has dwarfed all other news these past few weeks including the A-H1N1 positive cases here in the Philippines, forgive me for jumping into the chismis bandwagon add the fact that everywhere I go this scandal is the topic of any Juan, Maria or Arnelita, for that, this merits a thorough review or analysis, what may have happened, who did what and why was it done, and for whom.
Now for my disclaimer: what you’re about to read is not a fact, this is my mere analysis or opinion, based on my own experiences and as to how I’ve dealt and profiled persons I’ve been with. This is also not to sow hate or to build praise for the purpose of maligning anyone or uplifting any personality. Bear in mind that each and everyone of us is entitled to our freedom of opinion, as much as some senators despise Hayden and has been very vocal about it and as much as some sectors pity Hayden for being a victim too, even before the senate “in aid of legislation” circus inquiry ends.
This is a blog and I consider myself a journalist as what I was before, only this time, my newspaper is this site and my opinion column is this page.
As news of this scandal blew wide open, we can establish, based from mass media that Hayden took the videos, some of them were taken with consent of the lady concerned, while most were taken without such. We can also establish the key persons in this case which are: Hayden, Katrina, Bistek, Erik and Vicky. I opted not to include the others since at the time of this writing they haven’t come out yet to dispute their videos.
Now, there are two rumours that have been circulating as to what stemmed this scandal. First, Hayden’s friend hacked his laptop and sold the videos for two or four million pesos. And now the videos are in the hands of a syndicate.
The second is that Hayden fucked the living daylights out of Bistek’s girl, girl had conscience and told Bistek, who in turn to get back at Hayden, told Vicky that Hayden has videos of her sexual encounters in a laptop, Vicky asks Erik to hack laptop and there it is.
The first rumour is possible. Money talks a lot, and since you can’t trust cell phone snatchers with a thousand peso Nokia, hell, you can’t trust someone with Vaio containing videos worth over a million. But then there’s a loophole, why just now? If the gossip is true that there are 40 other videos, why wait Katrina to be included for you to hack said laptop, the close friend could’ve hacked it a long time ago, then hack it again if ever Hayden brags that he’s included Katrina in his collection, anyway, Hayden is as much a celebrity as Katrina is and those other videos without Katrina could have sold as fast like those 10-peso reload bullets in a firing range.
Now the second rumour is a simple one with a reason as simple enough, it was all about revenge, Bistek’s and Vicky’s revenge. A shame is worth more than a million pesos or two or four for that matter. A million pesos comes and goes. Ten minutes is all you need in the baccarat table and you can kiss that much money goodbye, but what has befallen those in the videos will last a very long time whether be it in the corner tambayans, coffee shops, office breaks or sanmig light sessions.
Both rumours offer a dilemma, first is money and the other is revenge. As to what is simpler among the two, I leave that to you. If the friend sold it for money and that alone being the reason, I don’t buy it. You can profile the both Erik and Bistek and you could very well tell that since both are doctors, a gain of two or four million wouldn’t do that much gain for both. I know that a million is already a fortune for most Filipinos, but doctors? Nah, that’s just loose change for em docs. Now the second rumour has the entire factor for this to turn out to be a melodrama, like what most of my fellow countrymen have been doing with their TV. The reason so simple enough that you have to ask yourself, why resort to that tactic when you could’ve just severed the ties. Well, it ain’t enough. I know certain individuals who would resort to that second rumour instead of just letting go.
Now, the whys of the whos for the whoms given that any of the two rumours is true.
Erik is dragged into both rumours. He was the hacker. He may have been paid or may have not. His actions were the key as to why the videos was leaked or sold and what has now become a box-office hit among the pirates and pirate consumers. You can very well point the fucking fingers at Erik and say that’s the bad guy. But hell, no. in this world where the flapping of a fly’s wing in a far away continent can be also the very cause of a tsunami someplace else, Erik is not the only one in this web of not so intricate controversy.
Katrina is a prominent personality. The sin from her is that she is a celebrity, remove that star status and Hayden would be the prominent victim. She knew or may not that Hayden is Vicky’s dude, still, even elementary studes from my town knows the Vicky-Hayden tandem, and if they knew, who wouldn’t, yet still, she did it, which can be said is another fucking sin. That is what I have been warning some friends of mine all these years. Do not be unlucky with the one you choose to fuck. There are partees and there are men who are like that or more of that shit that Hayden did. You have to be very careful and not that I’m holier than thou, it’s just that I know this shit and some men who does this shit.
Bistek only figured in the second rumour. And what would a friend do to a friend who fucked his girl, well he can be a man and talk to Hayden about it man to man and dropped the bitch or he can pull the trigger and plead temporary insanity. Any of the two, a man would do, but no, he has to be less than that and resort to what no man would do, which is what is rumoured that he did. If the rumours turns out to be true, this dickhead is just what he(?) is no dick below just a head above like a fucking cock.
Vicky, Vicky, Vicky. Why the flight? If the second rumour is to be believed she has the much to be gained in this brouhaha. But then again if a woman is always behind a great man’s downfall, as much as our history tends to prove, it can always go the other way around. I have to agree with Vicky on what she said that if the guy already has a gal, careful, careful. What I disagree, in case the second rumour is true, is her taste of getting back at Hayden and Katrina. Coming from a woman, I can understand that, very slightly though. Still, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, a very bitter one.
Finally, Hayden, we have come a long way since the advent of diaries and voice recorders, he has argued that those videos he took were his version of a diary. Honestly, he has a point. As much as any written diary or blog, it is still our freedom of choice on the mode of how to document our lives. It’s pretty much like a diary, where you write your innermost secrets that you wouldn’t want anyone to know that you would rather take to your grave, he should have taken extra measure to secure his video diary. I encrypt my files 128 bits, he should’ve done that too. Technology as we now know it has leapt a thousand-fold. He should have foreseen that in the event that his laptop is hacked or stolen, those video diaries he took, in the wrong hands, can be a very powerful tool against him or those in it.
So now, how or where do we point our fucking fingers? Given that the ladies in those videos did not knew they were being videotaped, Hayden should take the fall. Given that Katrina knew that she’s fucking a dude already taken, well, that’s what fell on her. She could’ve saved herself this embarrassment had she learned how to keep her raging hormones in check. If Bistek’s non-manly hood is the reason then he should get his head examined, a girlfriend fucking your friend? Exact better revenge is that you fuck your friend’s girl too, in this case Vicky. But then again, who can stomach fucking a science project? Hayden perhaps, err only.Erik? Now what does he have to prove? That he can hack a laptop? Anyone with background in computers can do that. Or maybe Erik did wanna try fucking a science project like Hayden. We will never know.
Katrina and all the other ladies in the videos are victims and so is Hayden, so let’s not start pouring water over anyone heads for the time being. And Hayden can also stop with his counter non-sense that Katrina pushed his drugs. That is so “oh so long ago.” Given that what Hayden is saying true, still he took the drugs, he liked it, so deal with it dude.
This is a clear case of star-crossed lovers crossing boundaries over each other. This is a winning recipe for an afternoon or late-night soap. And seeing how the senate has once again is milking this scandal for all its publicity’s worth and the elections months away, expect the key persons in this scandal to be more scandalized. There is an executive session in the senate for this kind of special case. Do I have to lecture deym senators that a rape victim is even placed under an alias and her face covered from the cameras. Katrina’s fate is parallel to a rape victim. If the senate wants to help, do it behind closed doors. Do it outside the camera lights. But then again it wouldn’t profit deym politicians to help.
And for those men who are holier than thou, take off the fucking hypocrisy. There are fetishes and there are fetishes, this case fell on the wrong hands. Do not strut to be not like Hayden, you have your own style, they have they’re own. Do not be holier than me or them or he. You stink, like an overflowing septic tank. To each his own, muthafuckas
To the ladies, do not fuck a guy because of his damn dimples or Adam’s apple, fuck for character and learn how to find that character. You could spread em legs for those long curly locks without knowing that there’s a hidden cam behind the closet. And be very sorry later.
I was gonna post this last weekend but had other very pressing affairs. I would just like to add an argument to what that Boy said last Sunday. He said it was not his dear senator who is being inquired into by the senate in aid of legislation. So let’s not make this a case of his dear senator. But then again, if there is an investigation by any fact-finding body of a crime, say for example plunder, does it not make a lot of sense that you do not include Erap in the fact-finding body?
I was asked last Sunday who am I gonna blame for this scandal, I blame all of them, all of them should take the fall. There can be no vindication if the premise of your action is a already a mistake in the first place and taking all subjectivity aside, and this is a reiteration, the videos are like diary that got stolen or has fallen on the wrong hands. Whoever wrote the diary can turn state witness, like what Chavit did, well at least for this country. And even if the videos can be likened to a diary-a modern diary, Hayden is not yet off the hook. We live in a democracy and our liberties are not absolute, your freedom ends, when it begins to threaten my freedom.

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