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[from friendster January 10, 2010]
Marz did pop the question again, why choose Noynoy seeing there are more able ones? And now I have to exclude my reply that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I would be excluding that in the following paragraphs after these three, however let me further that argument of mine first.
For the past decades, there has been quite a lot of outpouring of non-support for genetic engineering; one reason is that we do not tinker with how God blueprinted each and every one of us to become unique as individuals. There are those who have been very vocal for their non-endorsement of genetic engineering and there is also the silent majority who does support it. Take it this way, people joke around before jumping into marriage “uy, maganda lahi nyan” or “matatalino pamilya nyan, tiyak, maganda or matalino magiging anak ninyo nyan.” now that half-meant joke is in reality half-meant.
Noynoy parents are both heroes. Who would you rather choose the presidency to be married with? I agree that Noynoy is not Ninoy or Cory but, hey, the genes are with Noynoy. And genetic engineering as we know now would be very challenged to engineer a candidate who has the genes of two national heroes and one of which has a shot of being beatified as a saint, besides the fact that Noynoy genes came naturally and was not altered by our science.


[from friendster December 7, 2009]
I have been tweeting that the Ampatuans should be tortured to near
death every day, for the rest of their fucking lives and I’m adding GMA to that list. Everyone by now knows of the Ampatuan massacre already. Unless you’re living in your own asshole and being a dickhead like someone I know who doesn’t care one bit as to what happened to Maguindanao on that darkest day for journalists, women and children alike.

The Ampatuan assholes are crying foul because according to their airheadedness, they are being persecuted and being tried not by lady justice but by publicity and the hand behind all of these is their political enemies. They even went overboard as to thinking that we are dickheads like them by saying that they have no part in the massacre.

Blog Action Day 2009: CLIMATE CHANGE IS A FACT

[from friendster October 15, 2009]
It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. – Chaos theory
FACT: When we denude the mountains of forests and then rain falls in epic proportions, the end result-landslides and floods.
“The death toll from tropical depression “Pepeng” rose to 264 Saturday afternoon as rescue workers dug up more bodies of missing people, reports from police and relief agencies said.
Of the total, 222 were killed in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), mostly from landslides, according to the Philippine National Police (PNP).” – GMANews.TV, October 11, 2009
FACT: When we do not segregate waste and those non-biodegradables clogs the sewers and waterways and then the rain falls in epic proportions, the end result-floods knee-deep to two-storeys high.
“Battered by ceaseless rain, San Jose and 17 others, including a two-year-old child, were trapped on a roof of a printing press by floodwaters just outside Provident Village for more than 17 hours from noontime on Saturday until early Sunday morning. “ – Philip Tubeza, Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 30, 2009


[from friendster August 6, 2009]
“Hindi ko nga alam kung ano ang na-contribute ni Cory sa bansa natin eh” this was the exact phrase a younger office mate told me when I asked him if he was going to the wake or the funeral of Cory Aquino last Tuesday.   I was surprised then, and I immediately asked him if he is fond of watching Naruto or Dragonball Z, in turn, he promptly said that he does. I said that given the numerous accomplishments of Cory Aquino, one is that he wouldn’t be watching Naruto if it wasn’t for Cory or the EDSA revolution. During the time of the dictatorship, even Voltes V was banned from the television. If it wasn’t for Cory, all anime or cartoons that insinuates revolting for freedom or a noble cause wouldn’t reach our shores, take the example or Burma or South Korea where even the Internet is policed or monks are massacred.
Now that conversation has got me asking, how could a generation just eight years my junior would have not known who and what Cory represents? Has the daily grind finally taken its toll on the Filipinos love for country? Did the Department of Education remove Philippine History from its curriculum already? Have we already drowned in the GMA-era that there are no more good people amongst us?
 It is like what they always do whenever there is a rally for the betterment of our government; they would rather go to work or school.


[from friendster August 1, 2009]

Last time an Aquino that I know died, a revolution was sparked.
As much as I would like to write this post without political color, I cannot. Corazon Aquino is a political person and all she has done would be without appreciation if what she has done for politics is ignored. Almost all the good men  and women of this country has died already while those bad men and women with heart ailments, dirty mouths and silicon bursts have not. So this short post in honor of Corazon Aquino will start and end the same.
Death and taxes…
Heaven and hell…
So where is heaven? And where the hell is hell? I am a Catholic by heart, however, let me share what I presume of the gates of St. Peter is. It has been said that we live eternally in heaven or burn forever in hell depending on how we lived out our lifetime.  Now then, maybe St. Peter is the symbol of those we leave when we die. It is the very persons who know us during our lifetime who will judge us for eternal damnation or exalt us up the high pedestals in history for the following generations to look up to. 

DR jeKHO and MR. HYDEn (The Hayden Kho Videos Reaction)

[from friendster June 2, 2009]

You have to pity Hayden and Katrina and the gossiped other 40 ladies Hayden took videos of. Since this scandal has dwarfed all other news these past few weeks including the A-H1N1 positive cases here in the Philippines, forgive me for jumping into the chismis bandwagon add the fact that everywhere I go this scandal is the topic of any Juan, Maria or Arnelita, for that, this merits a thorough review or analysis, what may have happened, who did what and why was it done, and for whom.
Now for my disclaimer: what you’re about to read is not a fact, this is my mere analysis or opinion, based on my own experiences and as to how I’ve dealt and profiled persons I’ve been with. This is also not to sow hate or to build praise for the purpose of maligning anyone or uplifting any personality. Bear in mind that each and everyone of us is entitled to our freedom of opinion, as much as some senators despise Hayden and has been very vocal about it and as much as some sectors pity Hayden for being a victim too, even before the senate “in aid of legislation” circus inquiry ends.
This is a blog and I consider myself a journalist as what I was before, only this time, my newspaper is this site and my opinion column is this page.
As news of this scandal blew wide open, we can establish, based from mass media that Hayden took the videos, some of them were taken with consent of the lady concerned, while most were taken without such. We can also establish the key persons in this case which are: Hayden, Katrina, Bistek, Erik and Vicky. I opted not to include the others since at the time of this writing they haven’t come out yet to dispute their videos.


[from friendster February 5, 2009]

Now this made my morning; at 1:46 reminds me of a lot of my friends saying not exactly those words but more like, “I hope this lasts forever.” Some of them did ask me “where did my feet and legs go?” But always all the time, I love to hear, “SYET! ANG SARAP! Those were the glory days! GV! Good Vibes! GV, This takes me back to the golden age err, multi-colored partees. I miss Pureza and UP!


[from friendster January 18, 2009]

you may not know it but some people in my friends list are sending out the “view my webcam testimonial” attached to an image of a woman in a very inviting pose.
if you haven’t received such testimonial, well lucky you, in the event that you do, do not click on the link; immediately delete the said testimonial so that the virus would not spread.
if in case you did, there’s a 100% chance you’re friendster account is infected. there’s two things you can do to remove the virus.
1. delete your friendster account, which you would not do, right?
2. since friendster is using CSS in profiles, i’m guessing that the virus script is within the CSS.
ahh, now you get it? not yet? here’s what you can try.
A. if your friendster site is already customized, edit the CSS file, then delete all code in your CSS.
B. SAVE and your friendster site will revert to the default format.
if your friendster site is not yet customized, customize it by by choosing one of the provided templates
SAVE then wait for 30 minutes or 1 day (the reason for the wait is sometimes friendster lags in updating the CSS)
after the wait, follow steps A-B.
You can confirm with you’re friends in your list if the virus has been removed
FINAL NOTE: i am not sure that this work-around will work, just an educated guess. guessing always has a 50/50 chance. but if you’re infected, there’s no harm in trying, unless you want to spread the virus.
for  those who will try these steps, let me know thru the comments if it worked or not, so i can suggest another way of removing the virus, but bear with me, if it takes a while before i reply; i’m loaded with work.


[from friendster December 29, 2008]

Think of this a a post Christmas gift or should I say ”HELL! TO THE STREETS Y’ALL!” 
“Text messages are not just tiny; they are also free riders, tucked into what’s called a control channel, space reserved for operation of the wireless network.

That’s why a message is so limited in length: it must not exceed the length of the message used for internal communication between tower and handset to set up a call.
The channel uses space whether or not a text message is inserted.”

From/read more at gizmodo

Yeah, telcos provided the capital and the hardware for networks but then again, since SMS is free, aren’t we being overcharged? SO what do we do?

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!

Start 2009 right, SMS is free!


[from friendster November 7, 2008]

Let me introduce to you a very close friend of mine, but for confidentiality purposes and some topics that would probably be blurted out here that would be damning to him or anyone around him, legally or illegally, I’ll keep him under the name, Eisenheim.
Eisenheim is a very close friend of mine and we’ve known each other since childhood, before the Atari or IBM PC XT was released for public consumption. We grew up sharing some secrets that most of my friends did not want to or would ever want to share. Now before I indulged myself into this writing frenzy which I know would reveal his or even my deepest and darkest secret. I asked Eisenheim’s permission first. He gladly agreed that I could tell it all as long as I keep him under an alias.
I could very well introduce him a-la biographical, chronological intro or I could forego of that boring part and just add bits and pieces of his history as I go along. Anyway so much of that, but let me first highlight his and my similarities. Eisenheim is the same age as me. He also works in a software company. And we’ve both been through the hellish hells and, I hope, the ‘heavenest’ of heavens. We both love San Mig Light and we both could down two liters each of Cuervo Gold when we were much younger than we are now.
Eisenheim also went to Singapore and like me he went back here and then worked here. He also blogs but his blogs went dormant when he landed his job a couple of months back. Again, so much of the effin similarities, however I could not determine any trait that differentiates us, well, I am Don and my friend’s name is Eisenheim and I’m going to write loads and loads of blog posts from what I remember of the stories I heard from Eisenheim.
[Next post: Eisenheim rants about his job]


[from friendster October 16, 2008]

This is in response to Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty. This was written on the fly during my 15 minute break because of a heavy work load and it was only now that I was informed thru email that it’s Blog Action Day, so forgive any errors in grammar or so. Bloggers of world, UNITE!
Most of us would agree that poverty equates to population explosion and both factors each other. The solution is quite simple yet as simple as it is, still, it is very hard to implement. Control population growth then you can drastically reduce poverty. Take the case of the Philippines for example, though I haven’t really undertook a formal study on poverty, it really does not require a thesis to understand that the poor only becomes poorer every time they conceive.
“Ang kayamanan ko ay ang aking mga anak” (my treasure are my children) now how many times have I heard those lines, mostly from the D sector of society?  How many times have you too? Do not confuse me as from the upper classes of Philippine society, I am not. It’s just that I hear those famous lines from, well, the poorest of the poor. So what is wisdom behind those lines? The irresponsible parents think and hope that one in as many children they have will most probably lift or save them from the dump where they so lovingly dig themselves into deeper every time they conceive.


[from friendster September 6, 2008]

Some of you might have noticed that I deleted a post. That is in no way to be confused that I’m backing out of what I’ve posted then. I stand by what I said then, it’s just that I feel that I’ve already conveyed what should be conveyed. The truth is, it really is the truth. so as the very old adage goes… bato, bato sa langit, ang tinamaan, GUILTY.
I’m always saying live and let live, so here it is. Still and again, I stand by what I posted then, hell or high water.


[from friendster August 4, 2008]
How I survived Last Thursday’s Traffic Nightmare
NOTE: Paragraphs in italics like this is me talking to myself

ANOTHER NOTE:  Travel time from Southwoods to Manila is 40 minutes
I received the call at around 3:00pm, Thursday. I have to be at SSCGI at 8:00am the next day.  It has been raining since morning on that fateful day.  If I hadn’t received that call for the interview, I would’ve cooked Sinigang sa miso. Everyone just loves the taste of a hot piping soup on a very wet evening. But the call came and it was for a Systems Analyst position and if you’re familiar with my industry, it’s just one of those calls that you’ll really have to take. The sinigang would have to wait.
The rains have been falling indefinitely the past few days before that call. I was thinking, instead that I wake up very early the next day to anticipate the traffic, I just spend the night at Vito Cruz, have a good night sleep and wake up not so early on Friday. So there I was, at a quarter past five after the rains has stopped I drove myself to Manila for my good night sleep to prep myself for the interview.
WRONG FUCKING MOVE! The drive from Southwoods exit was normal I thought, traffic was moderate and I thought it was because of the construction to widen the SLEX…
There was this sign that has bothering me for months now.  It goes like ‘sorry for the inconvenience blah, blah shit.’ Now, we still pay 73PHP from Southwood to Nichols exit and that was when the state of the SLEX was in dire need of rehabilitation. That was then and that is what we still pay now that it is being rehabilitated, widened etc. Indulge me on this: since the SLEX is being widened and we cannot make full use of the SLEX because detours abound everywhere to pave for the widening, are we getting our money’s worth?


[from friendster June 21, 2008]

SmsdRemedies to get SMSD working in your iPhone.
SMSD for dummies


[from friendster June 10, 2008]

Don’t pay 3k PHP that activation, unlocking, jailbreak ‘expert.’
Six easy steps to get your iPhone 3rd party app ready.


[from friendster April 27, 2008]
…because sometimes the mind gets lost
…feed your mind


[from friendster February 23, 2008]

A few days ago I bear witness to Lozada’s former employee, Erwin Santos’ testimony of graft practices being done with his knowledge and compliance by no other than Lozada himself. It was broadcasted over the government’s NBN station. It was what I totally expect in a demolition job except there was overkill because they had Santos break down into tears a la Lozada when he was testifying in the senate. It was that overkill that killed it all for that damning but untruthful testimony.
Lozada already admitted being involved in graft practices when he was in government service and that those practices are ones that he cannot be proud of with. It was Miriam Santiago who had all the documents furnished to her by maybe powers-that-be of all the anomalous acts Lozada committed while president of Phil Forest who first brought to all of it to light. Lozada: Mea culpa!
How do we get witnesses to plunder or organized crime? We build cases. We stake-out. We persuade the very ones who knows the inner working of a syndicate to rat on their superiors offering them immunity or a lesser sentence. Take the case of Singson for example, though his frustrated whacking was the very reason for his testifying against Estrada, still, being a member of the midnight cabinet who is deemed very close to Estrada then, he knows who buffers who and who buttons who. Now where can you find a better witness than that?


[from friendster February 13, 2008]

It’s been a while since I got glued to the television for a day. I accomplished nothing the other day being in front of the TV all the time. I have no idea why but it just came naturally for me that I have to watch Lozada’ testimony being clarified by the senators and GMA’s men’s lies being “difficult to clarify” as Lozada smartly puts it. It’s quite easy to judge who is telling lies from the proceedings seeing how each resource person answered the questions hurled at them by the senators. Putting all subjectivity aside let me analyze again why in my opinion or anyone else who has a functional brain knows that what Lozada is telling is the truth. And since all the fake president’s men ganged-up on Lozada’s testimony I’ll scrutinize their ‘truths,’ Lozada’s truths and the real truths. In this country where truths tend to be true only when it benefits the fake president, truths now come in a chronological order. Maybe I can squeeze back some sense into everyone’s mind that the truth is the only truth, one truth and nothing else.
I’ll approach this simple. So simple that even a child would understand. Simple enough that anyone who has common sense would know. Lozada attested that he was held against his will when he arrived from the airport. He narrated how Mascarinas and the gang that includes Atutubo gave him the VIP treatment and how they drove him around against his will, again as a VIP. Atienza, Razon and the rest of the gang are in chorus that it was at the request of Lozada that he be given security and protection and the VIP treatment is at the behest of Lozada’s fear for his life. Now what is wrong with the said equation? It is the fact that Lozada DID NOT ask for it. He vehemently denies that it is the kind of security he needs. It is the fact that in VIP situations, you order the men who are treating you as a VIP where you want to go; what you want to do and when do you want to go home. In Lozada’s VIP situation, it was the exact opposite. Call it as you may but for me, when you are held against your will automatically translates to kidnapping. It is the absence of freedom without a jail sentence that makes a kidnapping a kidnapping. Common sense would dictate that Lozada was kidnapped. Ah, common sense, in the age of the fake president, it seems that it is not so common after all.

NOT sober

[from friendster February 1, 2008]

This is me in a very nasty, nasty hangover! 


Tayo na halika Isalin mo na serbesa Ilabas mo na yang mesa   E baso bote o tasa hoy! Bumili ka na ba ng yelo  Luto na ba yang puchero  Ng tyuhin mo na bumbero At tatay mo na kutsero Ipasa mo nayang tagay Marami naka antabay Na humahaba na hanay Ang maga Na meron pang makipag awayNg alang-alang sa alak Na parabang naka batak Hindi yan naka tapak Ng mga utak na may lamat   Tulad nito siguro si bruno matigas ang ulo Hindi mo na mapipigil humalik sa bote o baso   Pag may nag kaka siyahan At may nagkaka tugtugan Hindi mo na mapigilan habang nag kakalasingan Sige na umuwi kalasing kana Na sumusuka pa   Teka bakit umiikot ang yong mga mata Sino bang may sabing uminom ka ng labing lima Hindi karin naman pala tanga!
And I’m never gonna drink again. Not meaning without a hangover like this. HOY! 
Gloc 9: either hate him or love him. nyahahaha XD