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[from friendster January 10, 2010]
Marz did pop the question again, why choose Noynoy seeing there are more able ones? And now I have to exclude my reply that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I would be excluding that in the following paragraphs after these three, however let me further that argument of mine first.
For the past decades, there has been quite a lot of outpouring of non-support for genetic engineering; one reason is that we do not tinker with how God blueprinted each and every one of us to become unique as individuals. There are those who have been very vocal for their non-endorsement of genetic engineering and there is also the silent majority who does support it. Take it this way, people joke around before jumping into marriage “uy, maganda lahi nyan” or “matatalino pamilya nyan, tiyak, maganda or matalino magiging anak ninyo nyan.” now that half-meant joke is in reality half-meant.
Noynoy parents are both heroes. Who would you rather choose the presidency to be married with? I agree that Noynoy is not Ninoy or Cory but, hey, the genes are with Noynoy. And genetic engineering as we know now would be very challenged to engineer a candidate who has the genes of two national heroes and one of which has a shot of being beatified as a saint, besides the fact that Noynoy genes came naturally and was not altered by our science.

Before I jump to opining about the candidates for the presidency, let me first opine about the running mates. Remember, it is a well known fact that we are voting for two presidents, the vice president should always be as able as the one we are choosing for the presidency. Because as history would have taught the world, the vice president is just a heartbeat or juetenggate away from being president. It has been immemorially told that we learn from our mistakes, now we do not want another mistake of a vice president like GMA squatting again in Malacanang.
Forgive me if I will fail to mention all the candidatesit is not because all those I will be mentioning has a shot of winning or the popular ones rather they are the ones who I have opinions to begin with and I have very limited time in writing this.
MAR ROXAS: before Roxas slid down to the vice-presidency I thought that he is one traditional politician. The padyak infomercial was one dead give-away that anyone having a pro-poor stand is in reality abusing the pro-poor stance. And then came the marriage proposal and the scheduled marriage for the entire world to see and coincidentally done just before the elections. The Filipino political climate has always brought out the best and worst popularity propaganda in every candidate.
What really turned the tide to Roxas’ favor is when he slid down to the vice presidency in lieu of Aquino. Now we have a candidate who is honest in putting the country first before his ambition. We did not hear from Roxas “my loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins” which every thinking Filipino is all bull to begin with. That quote is always been a lie to mask the reality that the one saying it is in all wisdom pursuing his/her personal ambition. We have another Mayan long count calendar to go before we realize the importance and wisdom of the United States’ two-party system.
If Aquino and Roxas would trade places, I will still vote for Roxas even with my eyes closed.
LOREN LEGARDA: ever since Legarda entered the Filipino political landscape, I have always been her believer. She is a prime example of a Filipina who has all the qualifications of a senator, vice president and even a president. I need not say her numerous accomplishments and her scandal-less stint in politics. I have always voted for her in all the elections I had I chance to vote. Besides Cory Aquino, Legarda is the only Filipina in politics that would make you believe that a woman is always the best man to do the job.
However, she is pushing her candidacy under the shadow of the most corrupt, hated and damned Philippine president. Again, it is always a woman who is the best man to do the job; in this case, GMA overwhelmed even the memory of a man that is Marcos.
Though Legarda has a clear shot at the vice presidency, the Filipinos are currently under the trauma of the worst president ever in its history. Add the fact that the current squatter at Malacanang made its way thru the vice presidency’s backdoor. If Roxas was not a vice presidentiable, my choice would be Legarda, but I will have reservations, not because Legarda is suspect but for the very reason that she is a she and is shadowed by GMA.
EDU MANZANO: now where did he come from? If I hadn’t known better, his break-up with his current flame Pinky Webb might have been for the reason that he was stupid enough to accept the administration’s offer to be Teodoro’s running mate, anyone in his right mind knows that being endorsed by GMA is a kiss of death. I pity Manzano. The administration was clearly skimming the bottom of the barrel for a vice president.
I may have my history incorrect, but I presume that this is the first time that an administration party had a hard time convincing anyone to be anointed as its vice president. And though I disgust GMA and everyone she represents, I really am, pitiful of what they did to Manzano.
JEJOMAR BINAY: Before the respective candidates for presidents formally said they would be running for president, I have Binay in my crosshairs for the presidency for the reason the he is an opposition candidate and being the opposition in this dire times is the only glimmer of hope for me. Well, also, Binay did a lot for Makati. And Binay did a lot more for the opposition at Makati.
Makati has been the staging ground of almost all opposition activities in the streets. Binay has transformed Makati to the present Plaza Miranda or Mendiola when almost all mayors in the NCR chose not to cross swords with the present sick administration. And for that Binay has earned my respect and my vote if he ever did run for president.
BAYANI FERNANDO: need I say more? Fernando was the brains (or no-brainer for that matter) of the U-Turn slots, which I am in all contrast, those U-Turn to stupidity slots is just outright, well, STUPID! Besides my fear of the Philippine flag’s colors from blue to baby blue and the red to baby pink, I or we cannot allow someone in the peak of his stupidity to become vice president. The peak? Yes, in his peak of stupidity.
The simplest answer is always the best solution. Proper traffic management is the solution not the stupid U-Turn slots. Fernando, discipline the drivers in using the intersections and there is no need for those stupid U-Turn slots. There’s a monument to his stupidity paid for by the people’s taxes and it is that one humongous stupid elevated U-turn slot at C5.
I need not even discuss Fernando in this post, but I will be opining about Richard Gordon later, hence the need to background the personification of the word stupid—Fernando. And you should’ve seen his answer when asked how he will eradicate poverty, when the administration was contemplating and who will they anoint as the administration candidate. Google it!
RICHARD GORDON: Gordon is good. Gordon is articulate. Gordon has transformed Subic way beyond our imagination. His stint as a senator is also untarnished. Besides the fear for our sovereignty to be challenged again, I cannot vote for someone who has chosen Bayani Fernando as his running mate. As they say it, garbage in, garbage out. My graduate studies at LaSalle has taught me well, if you can summarize in one or two sentences one or as many pages, that is just much better. I can summarize my vote against Gordon in just two words—Bayani Fernando.
JOSEPH ESTRADA:when you apply even as a janitor, one of the requirements that you must present is an NBI clearance. Estrada is a convicted plunderer, pardoned but still a convicted plunderer. How fast the Filipino forgets. EDSA 2 is EDSA 2 and the spirit of Filipino unity against abuse and corruption is in both EDSA 1 and 2. It’s just a pity that Estrada is now using the apologies aired by Cory Aquino of her participation in removing Estrada’s administration.
I hold Cory Aquino in high regard but I also know that she is human. That time when she apologized to Estrada was the time when GMA is at the peak of monstrosity and almost anyone would choose the lesser evil because during GMA’s monstrosity peak and this is GMA’s most star quality, almost anyone is resigned to the fact that the only option is GMA or a lesser evil.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the highest position in the land we are voting for, is it not enough that almost all candidates have some skeletons inside their closets that we are entertaining the fact that Estrada to be become president again when all the world now knows that his skeletons has long been exposed and was actually convicted with?
GILBERT TEODORO: I have been very vocal that among the presidentiables, Teodoro is the most intelligent. Had Teodoro been with another party besides the administration, I might choose him given his excellent track record and we’ll also have a first lady we could all be proud of, aesthetics or not to boot. And we badly need one today since we’re coming out of the shadow of a disgusting first gentleman.
But Teodoro chooses to be anointed by the administration. Ask yourself. If you were given the chance to be endorsed by God or Lucifer, who will you choose to anoint you? And do not give me the bullshit that this is the elections and this is not the fight between good and evil. This is the elections and this is already a fight between good and evil ever since. We do not vote for a demon. We do not vote for anyone that GMA blessed.
Because if we do, we are justifying what GMA did all these years. If we vote for Teodoro we are accepting the fact that we are the most corrupt country. We are not giving justice to the Ampatuan massacre victims. We are allowing the memory of Jose Rizal’s death to be tarnished forever by GMA’s lie that she would step down and will not seek reelection. If we vote for Teodoro, we are voting for GMA to be Pampanga’s representative and have a shot to be prime minister and once again rule us.
So what if Teodoro is the most intelligent among the flock? Marcos has always been more intelligent. So was Hitler. GMA was also the most during her time and being an economist at that. And where did it get us?
Teodoro is NOT GMA and I agree with that, however let me reiterate what the Catholics profess during baptism, “Do you renounce Satan and all his works?” I DO. Do you renounce GMA and all her works? If you do, DO NOT vote for Teodoro. The parallelism could not be clearer. If there is any love for country left in you, you will not vote for anyone allied with GMA.
MANNY VILLAR:there is a chant that even kids whistle to the tune of these past weeks “si Manny Villar ang magtatapos ng ating kahirapan…” oh really? How? Not even Barack Obama in his first quarter of presidency has managed to strengthen the United States out of the worst recession in global history and it is already the United States I’m speaking of, the only remaining superpower. Yet even Obama did not promise a chant close to the chant that Villar is singing.
Villar outdid the padyak infomercial of Roxas. He even went beyond that by his latest chant. Again six years is too short a time for poverty to be eradicated. How can Villar promise to eradicate poverty in the first place? If you will compare the Philippines and the United States, we’re again, another Mayan long count calendar behind to what the United States has achieved. Hell, even the computerized elections which the Americans has been doing for a very long time now is just being tested for the first time here and the 2000’s is already behind us.
You do not promise to eradicate poverty in one fell swoop. You can say that you will promise to change the culture or diminish poverty but you do not sing “…ang magtatapos ng ating kahirapan.” Because it insults our intelligence.
Villar is an example of a traditional politician who will not stop at anything to get the vote. Who can blame the Filipinos? Most are glued to mass media and popularity that seeing Villar’s infomercials has already made them hallucinate that Villar is the one that “magtatapos ng ating kahirapan.”
Seeing someone on television everyday will make you believe in that person. Even elevating that personality to God status. Take Willie Revillame for example, who is now treated as God by his minions and followers, little do his followers know is that in reality it is not Revillame who is giving them the prize money that they hope will eradicate their poverty, it is the advertisers for that matter. It is the audience that the advertisers are wooing hence the higher the advertising fees for that show hence Revillame can give higher prize money.
And let’s not forget the fact that Villar tried to woo Revillame as his running mate or one for his senatorial slate. Again, a prime example of a traditional politician who will do anything to get the vote.
And there was Manny Pacquiao who Villar has managed to convince to endorse him. I am a fan of Pacquiao, in the ring but when it comes to politics, I am against him. I even wrote a post against his running for congressman of General Santos City years ago.
Let Pacquiao endorse Nike, let him endorse any energy drink or any sports-related product, but for the love of God, we need not heed his endorsement of a shampoo or a candidate. He knows sports. He knows boxing. And I am all praises for him with that in mind but let politics be endorsed by someone else.
Popularity does win votes. But look at where it got us with Joseph Estrada. Being popular or being intelligent does not guarantee the best president for us. Villar is riding the wave of popularity of every popular person he bumps into. And we should be very wary of that.
Another thing that we should be very wary of is Villar’s candidacy cost. Primetime TV costs a lot of money and seeing how Villar is drawing all his guns for this campaign of his, we could not help but suspect that there is a long list in his pocket of persons he is indebted with in his very expensive campaign sortie. If he wins, it’ll be payback time and that chant will probably mutate to “si Villar ang lalong nagbabaon sa atin sa kahirapan”
NOYNOY AQUINO: among all the options, he is the only moral choice we have. He may be carrying the weight of the Luisita massacre in his back but hey, this is the elections and the mudslinging is always muddier, the scandals more scandalous. The kitchen sink is just not enough to clinch a win especially in the election culture we’ve known since anyone can remember.
Why Aquino? Besides the first three paragraphs, ponder on this-among all the candidates for presidency, Aquino was the only one who did not plan to run for the highest office in the land in the coming 2010 elections. I have to agree with my father, who by the way is going for Villar (I think) that Aquino, just like anyone else in politics is also eyeing the presidency for their belt notches; however Aquino was not planning it for 2010. Aquino is now going for the presidency because his mother died. Because the clamor for the good to vanquish what is evil is louder because we lost the last great president we have. (With Noynoy, I would be proven wrong and I hope for that) This 2010 is Aquino’s destiny. Heroes come when they are needed the most. Heroes are not always the strongest or the tallest or the most intelligent. Heroes are the simplest among us. Heroes do not plan to be heroes. It is only when the situation calls for it and then a hero shines.
The Philippines as we now know it is deep in the shit hole of GMA’s legacy of the most extreme negatives the whole world could ever imagine. We need a president who did not plan to be one but was destined to be one. We desperately need a hero who did not plan to be a hero but was destined to be one. We need someone who is on the side of good because everything is almost evil now. This is, I repeat, a battle between good and evil. This is a fight between justice and injustice. Lets us all put the struggle between pro-poor and pro-rich in the backburner for the time being. That propaganda has long been abused by the most evil in this country. Because if you believe that being pro-poor equates that we can all recover in the shithole we are in, then you are at most at the very height of your own stupidity pedestal.
Anyone smart knows that we first eradicate the bad and all else will follow accordingly. This coming elections let us all not make the mistake we have done many elections before. Let us NOT choose someone who is the most intelligent or pro-poor. Let us choose like how we were supposed to choose in the first place. Let us choose someone who is pro-good and an unplanned hero.
Of all the candidates for president in the 2010 Filipino elections only one is declaring that he is for the good and this is a fight between good and evil—Noynoy Aquino.

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