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[from friendster December 7, 2009]
I have been tweeting that the Ampatuans should be tortured to near
death every day, for the rest of their fucking lives and I’m adding GMA to that list. Everyone by now knows of the Ampatuan massacre already. Unless you’re living in your own asshole and being a dickhead like someone I know who doesn’t care one bit as to what happened to Maguindanao on that darkest day for journalists, women and children alike.

The Ampatuan assholes are crying foul because according to their airheadedness, they are being persecuted and being tried not by lady justice but by publicity and the hand behind all of these is their political enemies. They even went overboard as to thinking that we are dickheads like them by saying that they have no part in the massacre.
And they actually believe that we’ll swallow their whole gaddam alibi that it was the MILF’s doing.
Now that particular alibi for me is an insult to our common sense and I believe that an insult like that deserves nothing less than the Ampatuan assholes to be tortured to near death every day for the rest of their sorry excuse of a life.
You need not be pursuing graduate studies to know that the Ampatuan assholes are the ones responsible for the massacre. They have all to gain from it, the gaddam self-proclaimed gods of Maguindanao, who orders others to their dirty work for them. Well, I got news for them Ampatuan assholes, let go of your posse and let’s get down and dirty, I doubt that you can be faster on the draw against me. And if you Ampatuan assholes are too scardy pants to trigger duel with me we can always do it the old way with fists, still, give me five from your clan and I’ll kill myself if you Ampatuan assholes beat me.
The Ampatuan assholes want Mangudadatu dead because he’ll be contesting their incumbent Ampatuan asshole of a governor. By all means Ampatuans assholes, kill Mangudadatu but spare the women, children and journalists. Didn’t you Ampatuan assholes ever have a mother? A sister? Or even a grandmother? There is a silent rule in the law of the lawless that the firing ceases when women and children are present. What are you Ampatuan assholes trying to prove? That you can get away with it all? In this age of Twitter and Facebook, you Ampatuan assholes honestly believe you can bury the massacre under the backhoe that bears the Ampatuan asshole seal?
The Ampatuan assholes couldn’t be more brazen than the time when they delivered their unholy mother GMA the much needed votes when they cheated FPJ during the last presidential election. GMA thinks she’s numero uno as far as being shameless is concerned, well, think again, here we have your student surpassing your virtue of brashness—the Ampatuan assholes.
Now we got GMA declaring martial rule in Maguindanao over the weekend. And now we have those giving her the thumbs up or down for what her press secretary is saying as a ‘decisive decision’ I do not know how they flower their words, but a decision is already decisive once you make it. Ahhh, GMA’s past decisions may have not been decisions after all I’m sure it is with the exemption of cheating FPJ in Maguindanao.
“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” this may be GMA’s line after declaring martial law in Maguindanao. But then again GMA is not seeing the whole gaddam picture. It is not declaring martial law be it unconstitutional or not that is the problem. It is her leadership that is the problem. When your leadership is suspect in the first place, you have already lost the belief of the people that you lead. If it was not GMA declaring martial law in Maguindanao, if it was another president who the people had belief in, we would be seeing now an outpour of support for the martial law.
It has always been leadership. You cannot support a leader you have no respect to begin with in the first place. Leadership is not a right, it is a privilege to a given few that exudes the aura of being able to lead a platoon, a barkada or a country for this matter. It is destiny to be able to lead. There is a wide gap of leading a country thru cheating and leading a nation because you are destined to lead it in the first place. Respect is earned as much as leadership is. The Ampatuan assholes and their mother GMA should know that respect for a leader is the exact opposite of being terrified of the self-proclaimed leader so as their orders to be followed blindly.
If you ask me if I support martial law in Maguindanao, as a human being with animal instincts I would tell you that I’m all for it so that the Amapatuan assholes be made to answer for their crimes. I’ve been asking my friends since Andal Ampatuan Jr., the dickhead got ‘invited’ over the office of the NBI that we take in our own hands as to how to torture Ampatuan to near death every day for the rest of their lives. I am in the most extreme terms, aghast and outraged to the massacre that has happened to the women, children and journalists at Maguindanao. There is the demon in me that demanding that an eye from the Ampatuan assholes for the eye of the women, children and journalists.
If GMA and her sick excuse of an administration allowed Lady Justice to dispense verdicts with her blindfolds on, there is no need for the martial law. Keep in mind that a suspected snatcher or robber is handcuffed and manhandled by authorities in front of the cameras. We have the Ampatuan assholes being ‘invited’ for questioning without handcuffs.
GMA’s leadership in the root of this massacre, it is her political debt to the Ampatuan assholes that fueled their wisdom that they are gaddam demigods in the Maguindanao and probably the whole Philippines. Well as history has taught us, they are not. And we should prove them that. If we be like that someone I know who I asked what is his reaction to the Ampatuan massacre, and his reply is “alam na nila magulo sa Mindanao, bakit pa sila pupunta dun” then we have already served the Philippines to the warlords on a silver platter, if GMA hadn’t done so already.
Again, do I support martial law in Maguindanao? The demons and animal in my being a human being does. But that is why we as human beings are the highest level among living things. We live with norms. There are raging hormones that we have to keep in check for us to be humans. Just because we have the urge to steal or kill or maim and knowing that doing so would make us a lot happier than anyone else does not and will not authorize us to do so. If we allow ourselves to be like the Ampatuan assholes, if we stoop down to their level, we are not doing justice for the women, children and journalist of the massacre. So no matter how slow and inefficient our justice system is, we have to live within the rules, lest we try to rehabilitate our justice system for it to better dispense justice.
But I am no sacred cow and I have done things and lived some of my life most of you would be ashamed to tell anyone else, I have done inexplicable things. And it would be no surprise if I give in to the demons in me, let us all torture the Ampatuans to near death every day for the rest of their lives, never mind if I live outside the norms, for this case of the women, children and journalists massacred in Maguindanao, Iam denouncing myself as a human being. I am volunteering to be the one to give the animal instinct verdict everyone would like to happen but are living inside the norms and are afraid to ask. Again, torture the Ampatuans to near death every day for the rest of their lives.

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