Wednesday, June 1, 2011


[from friendster January 18, 2009]

you may not know it but some people in my friends list are sending out the “view my webcam testimonial” attached to an image of a woman in a very inviting pose.
if you haven’t received such testimonial, well lucky you, in the event that you do, do not click on the link; immediately delete the said testimonial so that the virus would not spread.
if in case you did, there’s a 100% chance you’re friendster account is infected. there’s two things you can do to remove the virus.
1. delete your friendster account, which you would not do, right?
2. since friendster is using CSS in profiles, i’m guessing that the virus script is within the CSS.
ahh, now you get it? not yet? here’s what you can try.
A. if your friendster site is already customized, edit the CSS file, then delete all code in your CSS.
B. SAVE and your friendster site will revert to the default format.
if your friendster site is not yet customized, customize it by by choosing one of the provided templates
SAVE then wait for 30 minutes or 1 day (the reason for the wait is sometimes friendster lags in updating the CSS)
after the wait, follow steps A-B.
You can confirm with you’re friends in your list if the virus has been removed
FINAL NOTE: i am not sure that this work-around will work, just an educated guess. guessing always has a 50/50 chance. but if you’re infected, there’s no harm in trying, unless you want to spread the virus.
for  those who will try these steps, let me know thru the comments if it worked or not, so i can suggest another way of removing the virus, but bear with me, if it takes a while before i reply; i’m loaded with work.

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