Wednesday, June 1, 2011


[from friendster November 7, 2008]

Let me introduce to you a very close friend of mine, but for confidentiality purposes and some topics that would probably be blurted out here that would be damning to him or anyone around him, legally or illegally, I’ll keep him under the name, Eisenheim.
Eisenheim is a very close friend of mine and we’ve known each other since childhood, before the Atari or IBM PC XT was released for public consumption. We grew up sharing some secrets that most of my friends did not want to or would ever want to share. Now before I indulged myself into this writing frenzy which I know would reveal his or even my deepest and darkest secret. I asked Eisenheim’s permission first. He gladly agreed that I could tell it all as long as I keep him under an alias.
I could very well introduce him a-la biographical, chronological intro or I could forego of that boring part and just add bits and pieces of his history as I go along. Anyway so much of that, but let me first highlight his and my similarities. Eisenheim is the same age as me. He also works in a software company. And we’ve both been through the hellish hells and, I hope, the ‘heavenest’ of heavens. We both love San Mig Light and we both could down two liters each of Cuervo Gold when we were much younger than we are now.
Eisenheim also went to Singapore and like me he went back here and then worked here. He also blogs but his blogs went dormant when he landed his job a couple of months back. Again, so much of the effin similarities, however I could not determine any trait that differentiates us, well, I am Don and my friend’s name is Eisenheim and I’m going to write loads and loads of blog posts from what I remember of the stories I heard from Eisenheim.
[Next post: Eisenheim rants about his job]

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